Can you tell me a more about your philosophy of how you treat patients?

Full Circle Health’s approach, is to treat the whole person and get to the root cause of any problem or disease to improve our patient’s quality of life. We understand that our body systems all work together and are affected by our diet, environment, and the daily stress we face.

What do you mean by pharmacy grade or professional grade?

Our supplements can only be sold by doctors, and while not a prescription they are prescription strength.  That means the products we sell are safe and effective. We actually tried to get supplements that were as close as possible to the same ingredients as (sometimes very expensive) prescription counterpart.

Why do you sell your own brand of supplements?

The supplements we carry are chosen based on their effectiveness to improve our patient’s health and, in many cases, change important lab values. They are chosen based on their purity, label claim, and efficacy. The professional line of products we carry in the office are formulated at the strengths needed to make the needed changes in our patient’s health.

Why can't I just buy what you want me to take at the local store or somewhere else online?

When patients take their chances at retail locations it increases the probability that their treatment plan will not have the outcome we are looking for. Not all retail supplements are bad, however many lines use poor raw material selection and dosing that is below the needed therapeutic levels causing unnecessary repeat lab testing.  If we know what you are taking was given to you by us then we can be confident you are getting the quality you need.

As a matter of fact we first started offering supplements because many patients on over the counter supplements did not get the change in lab values we were expecting due to the poor quality of the supplement.

Come on, retail supplements can't be all that bad - give me some examples?

In a recent 2013 study of Vitamin D by the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers who tested vitamin D pills sold in stores found they contained from 9% to 146% of the doses listed on labels. Though none of the pills was likely to be dangerous, (in this case) some contained too little of the vitamin to effectively treat someone with a deficiency.

How do you know your brand is of a higher quality?

As experts in health and nutrition, part of our role is to research companies and bring in the best products from only the top physician lines. The product lines we use here are researched to be the highest potency, using the best raw materials with US Pharmacopeia raw materials used whenever possible. They are tested both in house by the manufacturer and using 3rd party validation.

What if I buy some of your stuff and add it to some of the stuff I take from somewhere else?

The treatment plan and product combinations we use are structured to limit any reactions they could have when taken together. When patients self-medicate the possibility of a reaction increases. We do all of this to ensure the best patient outcome and to ensure your safety.

Can I buy your product from anywhere else?

No Full Circle Health Medical Supplements are only sold online via our webstore or in our office in Mesa.  This may change some day to include Amazon.com and other retailers, but for now it is only available through us.